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Avire UK is an innovative company which specialises in short-term leasing and letting of business premises across the UK. We operate as an agency matching prospective commercial tenants with suitable premises available for short term lettings (intermittent occupations).

Avire UK is run by a team of specialist professionals, committed to providing an excellent standard of service to our clients. The team comprises of individuals who have a high level of experience in the field of commercial property management. With our established infrastructure and knowledge, you can rely on us to meet your expectations.

What we do

Matching commercial landlords to suitable clients.

Our services can be tailored to meet the individual requirements of our clients. We match prospective commercial tenants with suitable premises throughout the UK, for commercial landlords we find tenants for their vacant commercial property.

Our clients include individual property owners, property companies, developers, Blue Chip Plc’s, financial institutions and pension funds. We also work with and continue to be recommended by a number of UK business rates specialist firms.

If you are currently using the services of a business rates specialist for all of your business ratings work, we are happy to discuss the solutions we offer and work alongside your advisor, as the services we offer usually fall outside of their remit.

Premises can range from industrial units to distribution centres, offices to retail premises, film shoot locations to venues for one-off public entertainment, sport, music and leisure events.


Why us?

Benefits of Using Avire:

For the commercial landlord:

Avire UK assists commercial landlords by helping them reducing holding costs on property that would otherwise remain empty for extended periods of time.

Whilst your property is vacant and your retained agents are sourcing market rent paying tenants, this period can prove to be a drain on your resources. We can offer you an alternative by helping you access short term tenants, which is fed by the growth in seasonal and periodical business initiatives, and the film, television and event industries need for one-off locations.

We plug our clients (commercial landlords) into these alternative revenue streams by connecting them with prospective tenants looking for short term leases. Because we work exclusively in the short-term letting market, we will find a business to temporarily rent your premises while your retained agent is in the process of looking for a long term market rent paying tenant.


 It makes business sense to use Avire UK

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