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Avire UK is an innovative company which specialises in genuine charity lettings of business premises. We operate as an agency matching prospective charities, not-for-profit and community organisations with suitable commercial premises of all types across the UK.

We believe Avire UK are the only agency in the UK that has a dedicated department specialising in genuine charity lettings.

Over the last 15 years, we have built good business relationships with Local, Regional and National charities, creating a national database of organisations looking for vacant commercial property. By trusting our recommendations, our clients have provided use of 100,000’s of sq ft of commercial space each year for charities, not-for-profit and community organisations, utilising a broad range of their commercial property as an essential part of their “Corporate Social Responsibility”

What we do

Matching commercial landlords to suitable clients.

Our services can be tailored to meet your individual requirements. We match prospective charities, not-for-profit and community organisations with suitable commercial premises throughout the UK.

Our clients include individual property owners, property companies, developers, Blue Chip Plc’s, financial institutions and pension funds.

The commercial properties we have previously sourced for charitable organisations include retail shops, retail warehouses, offices and industrial units, utilising all types of occupation for organisations in line with their charitable aims and objectives. These include retail, administration, training centres, storage facilities, donation stations, dance studios, drop in centres, galleries, artists studios, and much more.

Why us?

Benefits of Using Avire:

For the charity, not-for-profit and community organisation:

Whether you are a local, regional or national charitable organisation, who is looking to expand, have had your Government funding cut, or you are looking to take the next step into leasing a commercial property but are reluctant to take on a long term market rent paying lease to make it happen, Avire UK is the solution. We can negotiate a letting of this type on your behalf, complete with options which will enable you to take on a longer term lease if you would like to.​

Maybe the charity you run has seasonal, periodical or one-off requirements for commercial premises. Avire UK has the resources and expertise to find you a location and / or commercial property which will match your business requirements.

In today’s commercial property market, chances are you will want to take on as minimal commercial obligation and as little financial risk and commitment as possible. This is where Avire UK can help. We can match your requirements with suitable premises available for a short-term letting. Rather than you having to make a long term market rent commitment for your business pilot, we can help you secure advantageous terms on a commercial property that would be available for you over a shorter period.

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