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Discover a selection of testimonials from various charitable organisations that Avire UK have sourced commercial property for.

Sue Ryder.
Registered Charity No: 1052076

Avire have provided a smooth, speedy, friendly and professional service to this charity, enabling us to have the use of several warehouse units on a rent free basis. We fully intend to continue to use them when we have further temporary storage requirements.

Liz Jarmin – Property Manager

Cancer Research UK.
Registered Charity No: 1089464

Avire manage the whole process from finding the premises, to negotiating with the landlord, to producing the legal documentation. They even liaise with the local authority, to help get the correct charitable relief forms sent out. 

Avire have secured several great properties for Cancer Research UK which has enabled us to make the most of every donation and bring forward the day when all cancers will be cured.

Rhona Coulter , Senior Category & Stock Acquisitions Manager

NIAS (National Institute for African Studies). Registered Charity No: 1078151

The people at Avire UK understand very well, the range of issues faced by a modern charity when it comes to signing up to a new commercial lease. We are never left on our own to deal with the legal and practical challenges involved. They continued to offer us practical support and the benefits of their expertise long after we have moved in/out of a property.

Dele Williams, Executive Director

Childs Trust.
Registered Charity No: 1078151

Avire have been a huge support to our small, locally run charity. Our focus is on raising money to support vulnerable children in South Asia, we have no staff and 97% of our resources are sent direct to the projects we support. The support Avire have provided has enabled the charity to grow and ensure that the maximum amount of donations can be directed to where it is needed. We are really grateful for the office space provided by Avire and would thoroughly recommend them to any charity in need of office accommodation.

Mark Thomas, Director

Coventry Resource Centre for the Blind.
Registered Charity No: 1134570

Avire have certainly helped our Charity for the Blind. The Premises they found for our Shop was in a Prime position. The Charity Shop was a new venture for us and has gone from strength to strength even though we are in a Pandemic.

Avire sorted all the relevant paperwork and liaised with a generous Landlord and we literally moved right in and started trading. Avire made it all so easy, they have a fantastic team of workers which I can highly recommend. Our Charities future Plans are to continue working with Avire and hopefully expand our Charity Shops with their continued support.

Tricia Griffiths BEM, CRCB Co-Founder Trustee/Manager

Aberdeen Action on Disability.
Registered Charity No: SC022271

Aberdeen Action on Disability is indebted to Avire for locating, negotiating and arranging for us to occupy our current spacious premises. This has enabled us to continue our work in providing assistance and support to people with disabilities and long term health conditions and meet their ever increasing needs. It has provided our charitable Organisation with increased space and a pleasant, accessible working environment, which has enabled us to develop and expand our services.

Barclay Bisset, Administration Officer

RSPCA Worcester & Mid-Worcestershire Branch.
Registered Charity No: 205930

From the time Avire first contacted RSPCA Worcester & Mid-Worcestershire Branch concerning a property in Worcester City centre, they were friendly, helpful and professional.

Everyone involved at Avire did everything possible to help us through each stage of the process, at all times being very approachable and easy to contact. Nothing was too much trouble, all questions were clearly explained. The property was ideal for our branch to use as a much-needed fundraising shop in a wonderful location.

We are all really grateful to Avire for all their assistance from the start of the process to us receiving the keys and for their ongoing support. It has been a real pleasure to work with them!!

Geraldine Haynes, Branch Chair

Redgate Farm Animal Sanctuary.
Registered Charity No: 1036506

Redgate Farm Animal Sanctuary has been fortunate in working with Avire in Coalville after they offered us a unit in the shopping precinct. They have always been friendly and efficient to deal with and quickly helped us out with any inevitable teething problems.
Our charity has been able to benefit greatly by having this shop and we quickly established a loyal following of local customers. Even when we had to move units, this was done quickly and easily; all this being undertaken whilst the Covid pandemic made arrangements and contact more difficult.
We hope we will be able to work with Avire for a long time to come.

Yvonne Brown, Director

The Daisy Chain Project.
Registered Charity No: 175163

We are really enjoying our space from Avire and have customized it to suit our needs. We always get compliments on how nice and friendly our space is, and how it makes going to get legal advice much less scary prospect. Thank you so much!

Jade-Shannon Patrick and Hayley Stoner, CEO and Deputy CEO

Blessed to Bless Community Project.
Registered Charity No: 1176055

Our Charity has various arms and finding space to accommodate that seemed a little challenging at times. We were recommended by another charity to give Avire a call. It was without doubt the best call we made to obtain space.

The staff at Avire have been so supportive, they have helped us to maintain our services through the various space that we have received via their very efficient, accommodating and friendly service. The attention they pay to detail ensures that we receive suitable space that gives us peace of mind and allows us to do what we love to do. All documents are forwarded to us for signing and returned making the whole process swift and smooth.

Thank you to all the staff of Avire, we are grateful for all they do for us as a charity and look forward to a continued great relationship.

Janet Dawkins, Administrator

Eat UP Charity.
Registered Charity No: SC048548

Our charity is a food charity primarily set up to relieve poverty by distributing food to projects and individuals. The charity now has a radio station, social spaces for all types of activity from training to coffee drinking, music areas and a game room. The building we now have through the great work of Avire has allowed the charity to grow. Everyone at Avire is delightful to speak to, and understands what the charity sector is like. Avire offers an exceptional service to charities. Avire’ s work should be commended, because it opens up buildings for community use and therefore enhances life chances for everyone involved. We feel very grateful that Avire has supported Eat Up. Such support has allowed Eat Up to carry on the support given to the community. Avire has given Eat Up more than space. Taking time for Eat Up and helping work towards a wonderful facility.

Tommy Reid, Founder and Vice Chair

Smile International.
Registered Charity No: 163423

We are thoroughly impressed with Avire, their professionalism and friendly service makes it a joy to work with them.

The whole process is very smooth as they confidently manage everything while clearly explaining and guiding us through it all. They are always happy to answer any questions and are really dedicated to finding somewhere that meets our requirements as a charity. All documentation is sent to us promptly and any further help or advice regarding contracts, is readily available from them. The team are very good at putting us at ease, reassuring in their approach and go out of their way to help. It is an absolute privilege to work with them and we couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

As an International Development charity working hard to FEED – Feed, Educate, Empower and Develop, to be able to save as much money as we can is imperative as it means we can do more to help turn tears into smiles.

We remain so grateful for all that they do to help us and to be able to go through this whole process and leave us with a smile on our face is a true testament to how wonderful they are.

Emily Morina, Head of Communications

Ipswich Furniture Project.
Registered Charity No: 1151719

We had been looking to move retail premises for some time as our existing premises was not ideally suited to social distancing during the pandemic. We had been in contact with other agencies that offered to find rent free properties, when Avire made contact with us regarding a shop very close to our existing shop, but nearer to the town centre. We arranged a viewing along with two other charities.

Avire were very helpful and submitted our expression of interest to take on the lease. A week later we were informed that we were successful. The contracts followed and a very smooth process ensued culminating in us receiving the keys a month after the initial viewing. This shop has enabled us to continue retailing in a safe manner, maintaining customer/staff social distancing due to its size and open-plan layout.

Avire have been very helpful and professional throughout the whole process and have continued to assist us during the Covid lockdowns with information to help us obtain grants whilst the shop has been closed. We would recommend Avire to any other charity looking to acquire premises to assist their cause.

Bob Whitehead, CEO and Deputy CEO

Asthma and Allergy Foundation.
Registered Charity No: SC042738

Avire came to our aid at a time when we were in dire need of premises to expand our services to support more families dealing with difficulty in managing asthma.

Avire managed the entire process from finding the right premises, to negotiating with the landlord as well as producing all the legal documentation. They also liaise with the City Council to help with charity rates relief forms.

Through Avire’s support, we were able to open an Asthma Support Centre which enables us support about 13,000 people with asthma across Scotland every year, helping them to live healthy, active, and full lives, stop asthma attacks, and ensure no one die needlessly from asthma.

Martina Chukwuma-Ezike, Chief Executive

Forces Support
Registered. Charity No: 1157531

Avire assist us with the procurement of retail properties around the UK for our charity, on a rent-free basis. This enables our charity to continue helping bereaved veteran’s families during their time of need. These premises are really important to us and the work we do, and Avire continues to help us find and manage them.

Carol E Reynolds, CEO

Elements Society.
Registered Charity No: 1157932

Avire helped Element expand into a larger property that has both saved the charity money and allowed our team to offer more support to our community. Their team managed the contracting process on our behalf and worked closely with our team to ensure the correct rate relief was applied to the premises. The service provided by Avire left the charity in a very strong position to enter the pandemic with minimal overheads to manage during a period of uncertainty.

Christopher Hill, CEO

Step by Step (Wales).
Registered Charity No: 1168671

Step by Step (Wales) is a Christian Charity which helps to get people get back into the work place. Avire has been very helpful in twice getting us properties which can be used to advance the work of the Charity. The procedure was very simple and we would highly recommend Avire to any other Charity looking for work space.

Carl Roberts, Reverand

Works for us.
Registered Charity No: 1010038

We are a small charity that have been supported by Avire for many years now. This has included finding us new premises at very short notice when we had to move offices when the owners were looking to redevelop the site. The provision of premises has enabled us to keep our overheads low, so most of our funding is used for delivering services and support to our clients. We are enormously appreciative of the service and support we have received from Avire.

Marion Cole, CEO

O.L.L.Y Children’s Charity.
Registered Charity No: 1134103

OLLY (Our Lost Love Years) who supports children spread across Merseyside, Wirral, Southport and Liverpool and all Merseyside regions. OLLY relies heavily on funding, donations to enable us working with volunteers only, we have paid staff, we have over 700 children.

The team from Avire have helped our children’s charity raising much needed funds from our Charity shop inside Bootle Strand. Those who work in the shop are not paid a wage only their bus fares. Thanks to Avire OLLY is well recognized in the Bootle area of Liverpool and beyond, these past five years has enabled from the charity shops takings helping us to run our minibus that takes the children out on day trips and breaks away.

The professional way Yvette and her team operate is only to be commended. We cannot thank them enough.
From everyone here in the OLLY team and on behalf of all our OLLY children we say a huge thank you with gratitude

Jean Taylor, Founder

Swindon Children’s Scrapstore.
Registered Charity No: 1168574

As the CEO of the Charity, Swindon Children’s Scrapstore, I would like to thank Avire and their fantastic team for helping us to secure a lease on a premises enabling our charity to expand and develop.

I cannot praise Avire highly enough, they made the entire process fast and painless for us and it was a pleasure to work with the staff.

The property is a significant benefit to the charity and allows us to expand so we can directly benefit more people in our local community. We are delighted to have the opportunity and appreciate the generosity of the landlord.

Olivia McCann, CEO

City Hearts.
Registered Charity No: 1110314

We, at City Hearts NE, have experienced a tremendous amount of help and provision from Avire.

We had been looking for office space and found it to be very expensive. Avire contacted our service in the NE and offered us a look around a space in Sunderland which was incredible and has served as office and storage space. The fact that it was rent free was a huge help to our charity.

Avire and their staff have been impeccable with regards to answering queries and concerns and have always been extremely polite and courteous over the phone. The office space came just at the right time!
We just want to take the opportunity to say a huge thank you for all the help and support over the last 3 years. Here’s hoping we can continue to work together in the future.

Allison Hilton, North East Regional Manager

Swindon Sisters Alliance C.I.C.

We were invited to view several retail properties within our town Centre.
Avire provided us with a retail property that has enabled our newly formed not for profit charitable community interest company to work towards our vision.

Avire helped us manage the whole process and gave us a base to resell our donated items for our cause. The whole process was a smooth transaction. Very friendly and professional service from the very beginning. Swindon Sisters Alliance thank you for accepting us.

Emma King, CEO

Empower the Gambia.
Registered Charity No: 1161200

The process of securing our free shop through Avire was very straightforward.
From the initial contact, to shop viewing to confirmation of the shop,
the Avire team kept me in touch with progress. When there was a problem with a water leak they were able to contact the landlord quickly and follow up repairs. I am now in the middle of taking on two more shops through Avire, so I would definitely recommend them.

Jo Heaven, CEO

Willen Hospice.
Registered Charity No: 270194

Thanks to Avire, our new pop up shop in Central Milton Keynes continues to go from strength to strength, making a huge difference by raising funds to help patients and families, we couldn’t have done it without the support and help from the Avire team.

Mark Rawlins, Associate Director of Commercial

Kajans Women’s Enterprise Ltd.
Registered Charity No: 1112495

I would very much like to express our thanks to both the Landlords and the agents at Avire who have supported Kajans over the last four years.

Kajans Young Entrepreneurs Training and Media programme would not have developed without the support of this city center/central venue, which helped the charity to increased access to the project to a wider group of young artists from across the city.

We are grateful for your investment in the work of the charity.

Hermin McIntosh, Executive Director

Inclusion Hampshire.
Registered Charity No: 1162711

Finding Avire and securing a property through them has been the key to our growth and sustainability as an Organisation. We are a small charity who support young people experiencing mental health issues, we support local schools and colleges in the area and provide therapeutic education facilities. To find an affordable, appropriate property in a centrally accessible area was proving impossible for us but the property Avire identified through their network, met our needs perfectly.

As we had not entered into a lease before, Avire were able to guide us through the legalities and liaise with the council on our behalf regarding relief for business rates, making the whole process stress free. They have an extremely helpful and professional team. We have been able to provide long term support to over 100 young people since securing this property and I hope we can continue to work with Avire as we continue to grow.

Cheryl Edwards, Chief Executive

Accrington Sea Cadets.
Registered Charity No: 313013

We were contacted by Avire several years ago and asked if we may be interested
in utilizing any retail premises in our local town center. We jumped at the
chance, as this would allow our charity to open a premises which we could
otherwise never afford to do. Within a matter of weeks Avire had organised a
walk around available vacant shops, from which we were able to choose the
right one for us. Shortly after saying ‘yes, this is good for us’ we were able to
make some small internal changes for our use.

We now have a premises which we can use at any time to promote our Organisation, sell items, and operate as a base for our town center activities. Everything has worked out really well for us for which we are extremely grateful to Avire for their help and guidance.

Stephen Hutchinson, Chair of trustees, Accrington Sea Cadets

Daft as a Brush Cancer Patient Care.
Registered Charity No: 328432

It is the first time we have a had a shop of this quality. The help and assistance we received from AVIRE is unbelievable. The charity provides a “Free of Charge”, transport service for cancer patients from all over the North East of England to the Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Trust at the Freeman Hospital and RVI Hospital. We only achieve this with a fantastic team of volunteers the charity has with the support from AVIRE, that provide and support for cancer patients. It is very much appreciated what you have done and a big thank you to all.

Brian Burnie, Founder and Trustee

Registered Charity No: 1033067

Saheli is a small charity making a big difference. We support women and children from Black and Minoritised communities who are experiencing Domestic Abuse, Forced Marriage and Honour Based Violence.

We can’t Thank Avire enough for all the support they have given us over last six years. We were a small team based in a tiny office. Many of the women we support often want to return to us as volunteers and we did not have a desk or working space to offer our volunteers and found it hard to accommodate them. Also our team was growing, and we needed bigger space. When we got in touch with AVIRE they went out of their way to help us find office space suitable for our needs. They provided advice, support and negotiated on our behalf and have always checked in to make sure that the premises continue to be suitable for us. Any time we have we had any problem, one email or phone call is all we needed to do, and they are quick to respond.

AVIRE is made up of very professional team and understand the needs of charity and voluntary sector organisations. Everyone has been great help especially Donna who has been our link and gone to great lengths to negotiate on our behalf and ensure all documentation and paperwork is in order and if we have any issue it is taken up with the Landlord on our behalf. Thank you so much for everything you have done for us! It has been absolute pleasure working with you.

Priya Chopra, Chief Executive

Team Oasis.
Registered Charity No: 1099290

Team Oasis is a beautiful little Charity based right at the heart of the Toxteth Community of Liverpool. Established in 2003 with the aim of offering inclusive opportunities for children and young people of all abilities and circumstances to engage together in a variety of activities and projects.

We are a small Charity and obviously managing whatever budget we have is a constant challenge. However, never the less, we do require accommodation as either office space, additional storage or, indeed, activity space. Our need for this space is always great, yet our means to secure this space is non-existent. Therefore, you can imagine how delighted we are with the team at Avire. They have supported Team Oasis into three spaces over these past years, with a fourth on the horizon.

Avire are impeccable in their support and what is most impressive is that everything that they state with regards to Team Oasis accepting space is always perfectly accurate and correct. As a small charity there is obviously a certain amount of anxiety when moving into a new space and addressing the lease arrangements. However, Yvette and the team at Avire are with you at every step.

Impressively, they respond to phone calls and emails very promptly and always address our queries with confidence and expediency.

I am grateful for this opportunity to thank them for their steadfast support of our charity.

Paul Nilson, Manager

Ahava Community.
Registered Charity No: 1148286

Avire has supported our charity since 2013 by providing office, storage space and more recently a shop from which we could fundraise. We have been able to grow and expand our charity working with the homeless because of their great dedication and support. The process is so straightforward and the team are always there to advise on your occupation. Thank you so much Avire.

Kim Merry, Chief Executive

Tamworth Heritage Trust.
Registered Charity No: 1087773

Avire helped us to find a town center shop in which to begin what is now the Tamworth Heritage Hub. It allows us to give history and heritage information to visitors and to highlight the many activities available from diverse clubs and societies.

The service Avire provided has been second to none and without them we could not be celebrating the fifth anniversary of our facility. Their customer care has been faultless for which we thank them.

Alderman Margaret Clarke, Chairman

Living Life Eastbourne.
Registered Charity No: 1113145

Avire was a lifeline to our charity. Not only did they find us a retail premises to support our vital ongoing projects to the underprivileged. The property also came with enough space for our volunteers to continue with their work sorting the much needed aid that came into the premises. Avire helped us from the start with the process of negotiating a lease of 3 years and also negotiating our rates with the council. A huge thank you to Avire from us and all those children that have benefit from Avire’s support.

Mike Trott, Trustee

Food for All.
Registered charity no: 1077897

Avire phoned to see if we might be interested in using a building. We jumped at the chance as space is very much needed for our particular charity. Use of these properties are invaluable to what we do. Naturally we had some queries. Avire helped us to understand the legalities and other information that we were unsure of; they were professional and knowledgeable. After being sent all information about the property we were then given an option to view the premises which allowed us to work out what was feasible for our project. Once we said yes, it was all systems go with legal documents needing to be looked over, completed and signed legally. Avire were outstanding in this area, they made it extremely easy for us to understand and gave us step by step guidance during the whole process.

Liaising with the council on our behalf was another great plus for our charity as Avire are better equipped to deal with them than we are as they understand council terminology. We use the properties for volunteer days, meetings and keep some stock inside the building. Space is limited in our own buildings so this was a priceless opportunity for us, it’s enabled us to work with volunteers from local communities and corporate companies for charity challenge days which in turn allowed us to provide a better service for our own charity whilst sharing fresh experiences and ideas with new people. Having a property large enough to accommodate our needs has also enabled us to help our clients and staff in ways we would never have been able to do without this wonderful opportunity.

Jennie Mathias, Trustee

Farplace Animal Rescue.
Registered charity no: 1126812

Avire have been instrumental in helping our charity expand and have made the whole process from proposition to occupancy a fast and painless one. They have found us the right premises for our needs and have made all the paperwork easy to deal with in addition to liaising professionally with councils and landlords on our behalf. Both of the properties are of significant benefit to our charity and are helping us grow both in trading and in event fundraising. We are delighted with our new bookshop, which is helping our charity help more animals. The offices enable us to store more event equipment and plan more events than ever before. The team at both properties are really welcoming and we are delighted to have this chance to expand from the generosity of landlords and the professionalism and support of Avire.

I would heartily recommend anyone to work with Avire as the experience is a delight.

Gareth Edwards LLB, Chair of the Trustees

The Joint Civil Aid Corps.
Registered Charity no: 1160699

As head of the Joint Civil Aid Corps, I have had the pleasure of working with the Charities Department of Avire for about a year. After dealing unsuccessfully with numerous property agents,

Avire was recommended to me by Milton Keynes Council and I am pleased to say the company lives up to that recommendation.
My primary contact is Yvette, who is truly a consummate professional and wholly reliable. She always explains things fully and constantly willing to answer any queries – everything being done in a friendly and timely manner.

As an organisation, we were desperate for a ‘home’. Avire found that home for us. Yvette and her colleagues dealt with all the paperwork releasing me from the worries and concerns of getting everything right. Yvette was always available to ensure things went well for us and we remain most grateful to her and her colleagues for their help and support which continues after the lease is signed.

I am proud to say that Avire are my preferred Property Agents and will continue to seek their help and support in finding suitable properties nationally as my organisation develops. I have already personally recommended Avire to other organisations and will happily continue to do so – I cannot praise Avire highly enough, especially the charity department for their constant help and support.

Colin Harmsworth, Chief Officer Commandant

Avire UK is the only UK agency that has a dedicated department specialising in genuine charity lettings

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