Welcome to Avire

Avire is an innovative company which specialises in the short-term leasing and letting of business premises across the UK. We operate as an agency, matching prospective commercial tenants with suitable premises available for short-term lease.

Avire is run by a team of professionals, committed to providing an exceptional standard of service to commercial landlord and tenant alike. The team comprises of individuals who have a high level of experience in the field of commercial property development and management. You can depend on us to meet your expectations.

What we do

Our services can be tailored to meet the individual requirements of both commercial tenant and landlord. We match prospective commercial tenants with suitable premises throughout the UK, and for landlords we find businesses looking for premises.

The commercial tenants and landlords we deal with include blue-chip corporations, PLC’s, SMEs, micro-enterprises, and public and voluntary sector organisations.

We work for insurance companies looking to find temporary premises for their client in the case of flood, fire or building damage.

Premises can range from industrial units to distribution centres, offices to retail premises, film shoot locations to venues for one-off public entertainment, sport, music, and leisure events.

Contact details

The Exclusive Building
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Tel: 01295 256338
Fax: 01295 256481

E-mail: enquiries@avire.co.uk

The benefits of using Avire

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For the commercial landlord

Avire assists commercial landlords by helping them generate revenue and reduce holding costs from property that would otherwise remain empty for extended periods of time.

Holding an empty property while finding tenants for long-term leases can prove to be a drain on resources. We can fill the gap by helping you access an increasingly lucrative revenue stream, which is fed by the growth in seasonal and periodical business initiatives, and the film, television and event industries’ need for one-off locations.

We plug commercial landlords into these alternative revenue streams by connecting them with prospective tenants looking for short-term leases. Because we work exclusively in the short-term letting market, we will find a business to temporarily rent your premises while you continue to seek a long-term tenant.

What’s more, once a business is installed in your premises, if it does well in the short-term, the tenant may decide to take up the let for a longer term! So rather than your premises sitting empty, why not allow us to introduce a business to your premises on a short-term basis, with the option for them to stay on for a longer period if they want to?

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For the commercial tenant

For established corporations, private companies, firms, and sole traders who want to expand their existing businesses, but are reluctant to take on a long-term lease to test the market, Avire is the solution. We can negotiate short-term leases on your behalf, complete with options which will enable you to take on a longer term lease if all goes according to plan.

Or maybe the business you run has seasonal, periodical or one-off requirements for commercial premises. Avire has the resources and expertise to find you a location and/or property which is the perfect match for your requirements.

If you’re starting a business, chances are you will want to take on as little financial risk and commitment as possible. This is where Avire can help. We can match your new micro-enterprise or SME with suitable premises available for short-term lease. Rather than requiring you to make a long-term commitment for your business pilot, we can help you secure advantageous terms on property you rent over a shorter period, with the option of extending the arrangement to a long-term tenancy.

There’s much more that we do, and can do.
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